Tufted Broadloom

Machine-tufted broadloom

machine-tufted-structureMachine-tufted broadloom is produced by wool being threaded through an existing backing, then sealed in place with an adhesive. The resulting loops can then be left as they are, trimmed to produce an even surface (cut loop), or sculpted to produce a relief pattern. It is available in cut pile or loop pile finishes, or combinations of both.

Tufted broadloom is made in widths of either 3.6 or 4 metres. It is the most cost-effective method of carpet manufacture for quantities over 1000 square metres. It can be customised by colour, quality and fibre.

Quality options range from 32oz to 72oz per square yard.


Pass-Tufted Carpet

Private residence

Similar to machine-tufted broadloom, pass-tufted carpet  can be produced in plain, cut or loop pile using the fibre of your choice. It can be made to customised room sized widths, from 45cm to 5.5 metres, reducing seams.

It can offer a cost-effective solution for smaller projects and is ideal for domestic applications, allowing clients to make precise custom colour and quality choices.

Qualities range from 32oz to 72oz per square yard with unlimited colour selection.