Dye Injected Broadloom

Dye-injected carpetThis process allows designs to be produced in relatively small quantities, and over
various carpet qualities and surface textures.

Dye injection patterns are applied in high resolution over the entire 4 metre width of the carpet.

With up to twelve colours available and production quantities as low as 28 square metres, this method offers the greatest flexibility of any pattern manufacturing process.






Axminster Broadloom

Axminster StructureAxminster is made up of a fibre blend of 80% wool and 20% nylon, or is available as 100% nylon. Broadloom widths are ideal for large installations, because they reduce the number of joins. We also offer the option of Axminster carpet tiles.

Colour pattern on Axminster carpets is incorporated by weaving different coloured yarns into the carpet. Although the number of colours is limited, sophisticated blending techniques mean that virtually any colour can be reproduced, and there is an almost unlimited scope for introducing pattern.

Wilton Broadloom

Wilton-structureA versatile, traditionally woven carpet, Wilton combines textural cut and /or loop surface pile and fibre options, using up to five colours per design.