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Natural spring water may be good for your health, but the bottles themselves threaten our environment by swallowing landfill space and increasing air pollution from incineration. EcoSoft®, a new high performance carpet cushion backing, is made from 80% post-consumer material re-engineered from discarded drinking water bottles plus 5% post industrial recycled PET. So you can breathe and walk with ease!

This new environmentally friendly product is made from 90% post-consumer discarded PET drinking water bottles. EcoSoft is engineered to absorb destructive impact from high foot traffic, reducing fibre crush and wear and tear on your carpet tiles. Using EcoSoft cushion instead of conventional PVC or bitumen backing can also reduce noise levels.

EcoSoft's superior compression and recovery properties give the carpet a better appearance retention compared with hard backing, enabling the carpet to retain its good looks for longer.

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EcoSoft Booklet
  • Performance Enhancement

  • Superior Dimensional Stability

  • Cushioning Effect Reduces Leg Fatigue

  • Reduces Carpet FibreCrush, Wear and Tear

  • Superior Sound Absorption

  • PVC and Bitumen Free

  • Environmentally Friendly, No Fibreglass Used

  • Uses Post-Consumer Recycle Content

  • 85% Recyclable


In view of these superior properties, carpet tiles with EcoSoft backing are the ideal choice for intensive use locations,
including malls, convention centers, school, airports, offices and public buildings.

Custom Carpets NZ have received a Green Star New Zealand rating for our use of EcoSoft backed carpet tiles.
We have found them ideal for use in high-wear areas of large public spaces such as airports and office buildings.


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Technical data

Technical data

Technical data

Technical data